18 July 2013

Cape Dutch Coconut Hot Chocolate Review

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After the trip to Caledon with Chane, we stopped at the Dassiesfontein Farm Stall on our way back. This store is packed with a very wide variety of products, everything from clothes and shoes to homewares and food. We both bought beanies for our men and a few food products. I bought mustard seeds, tea and this coconut hot chocolate. Usually I just use cocoa powder to make hot chocolate, but since there are so few vegan convenience foods available, I had to try this.

It's made by TeaSpresso. The ingredients are coconut sugar, coconut cream powder, cocoa and tapioca starch. Coconut sugar has a low GI of only 35, so it's suitable for diabetics too. You can make hot chocolate with water or any type of milk. I used soy milk for mine. There were tiny white bits that didn't dissolve, but I couldn't taste or feel them at all.

I really liked the hot chocolate. It wasn't very sweet, so you might want to add more sugar depending on you taste. I didn't add any. There's also a recipe for frappé on the back and I'd love to try it when we have warm weather again.


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