14 July 2013

Caledon Wildflower Gardens, Part 1

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I had to go to Caledon to apply for a new passport last week. I'm not planning any trips, but mine expired and I want to be ready if I get an opportunity to travel. It's an hour's drive away, so I wanted to find something else to do in the area. I asked Chane to go with me and we visited the Caledon Wildflower Gardens. This was our first visit and we loved it. It's beautiful and a wonderful place to spend the day.

I took so many photos that I decided to split them into two posts. I'll share a general overview of the gardens today and lots of pretty flower photos next time.

The gate at the entrance.

There were so many proteas. They're the South African national flower. I think they're very beautiful and love that there are so many different varieties.
A little oasis.

There's lots of these little stone gazebos. We had our picnic in this one.

After eating, we followed one of the many paths.

When bloggers get together, there's always a lot of photo taking.

There's a small dam near the entrance.

There were stone benches all around. I have no idea why the bench in the background is facing the town instead of the gardens.

Thanks for the great day Chane.