08 July 2013

Buttercup gets a new foot

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Buttercup the duck was born with one foot bent backwards and has been struggling to walk ever since. He's been living at Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary where Mike Garey has been working with Dr. Shannon McGee to make him a new foot using 3D modeling and printing.

3D Modelling company, NovaCopy donated their services to help create the foot. The plastics that are usually used in 3D printing aren't flexible, so they printed a mould which was used to cast the silicone foot.

All of these photos are from Buttercup's Facebook page and you can read more about him there and see more adorable photos too.

Here's a video of Buttercup walking normally for the first time ever:

And just because I can't hear Buttercup without thinking of this song:

(I wanted to share this video, but it won't play on Blogger)