17 June 2013

The SA Wedding Show

My boyfriend, Martinus, had a stand at The SA Wedding Show last weekend and I went along to help him. He's a caricaturist and illustrator, you can check out his website here. We've been promoting his wedding work, so he's been doing lots of wedding expos etc. Last weekend was the first one I went to. It was incredibly busy and I had to start a waiting list for caricatures at our stand just to keep the aisles clear. I usually feel that I'm very bad at talking to strangers, but I got so much practice during those three days. Martinus says I'm much better at it than I think I am. It took a few photos of him in action during the first day.

I shared a few photos on Instagram.

I didn't get much time to look at the other stands, but I took this photo on the set-up night. I love this flower display.

I was so happy to get a chance to eat Ethiopian food again. It's our absolute favourite food and there's no Ethiopian restaurants near us. We love it so much that we had it two days in a row and got takeaways. I try cooking Ethiopian food at home, but it's just not the same. I'd love to perfect Injera one day.

And there's Table Mountain. (I wasn't driving.) I like visiting Cape Town, but I'm always relieved that we don't live there. All that traffic is just too stressful for me.

We're going to another wedding show next month, so I'm redesigning the stand a bit. Lots of Pinterest for me this month! :)


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