21 June 2013

Lush lip scrub review

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I've never done a product review on here, but lately I've used a few items that I think are worth mentioning. First up is this lip scrub from Lush that I got for Christmas. I didn't think I needed a lip scrub, but I absolutely love this. I definitely notice a difference to my lips if I don't use it for a while. I use it several times a week and there's still so much left after 6 months. The most unique thing about this scrub is that you lick it off after scrubbing your lips. It sounds strange, but it's pretty delicious. It only tastes like mint to me, but that's good because I would probably have finished a chocolate flavour scrub by now.

I'll do a few reviews of the products I've really liked lately during the next few weeks and then occasionally when I come across something good.


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