25 June 2013

Healthy seed bread

I've wanted to make this amazing bread from My New Roots for months, but I couldn't find the psyllium seed husks that are needed to hold the bread together. It's the magic ingredient that allows you to make this bread without any flour. It's only nuts, seeds, oats and some seasoning and liquids. I used almonds instead of hazelnuts because they're way cheaper. I also used ground flax seed instead of whole. I didn't need any extra water to mix it.

After mixing it, you let it rest for two hours before baking. You can mix it in the loaf tin, but I lined mine with baking paper so it was easier to mix it in a bowl first.

I was really surprised at how soft and breadlike this turned out. I was expecting something drier and crunchier, but this tastes like seed bread. I'm completely in love with this bread and I'm going to make it very often.

We ate it with strawberry jam. It was so good that we haven't even tried other toppings. I think this will also be amazing with soup.

Another ingredient I only found recently after months is the glass noodles I need to make the salad from my Thai cooking class again. It was so good.


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