03 June 2013


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I found this recipe and bought the puffed rice to make it a few months ago, but I only got around to making it this week. I'd never heard of Churumuri before, but the recipe is so simple that I had to try it. It's a delicious light and fresh snack and very easy to prepare.

I got white and brown puffed rice.

The recipe is for 6 servings, so I divided it by 3.

I used half a small carrot and onion and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

A fresh lemon from our lemon tree.

I recommend mixing up the wet ingredients and only adding the puffed rice right before you eat it. This will keep the rice crispy. It's still good either way, but I like the crispiness of the dry rice.

This is a really good quick snack and I think it would be fun to serve at a party too. It's a street food, but I ate mine with a spoon because that's just the type of girl I am. I also eat pizza with a knife and fork sometimes. Ok, most of the time.


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