13 May 2013

I got Instagram!

We've had our first weekend in our new house now. The house is still filled with boxes we have to unpack and I have no idea where a lot of my things are, but I'm so happy here. The dogs also seem much calmer than they did at our previous house.

I got a new phone last week and I'm finally on Instagram. Prepare for millions of photos of our dogs. I've been having lots of fun taking photos of everything and trying out the different filters. You can find my profile here. If you're on Instagram, please leave a link so I can follow you too.

1. Our new house!  2. A one eyed seagull at the harbour.

1. The last morning in Stanford.  2. Vegan chocolate cake at the market!

1. Twiggy in my empty studio.  2. The Hermanus harbour.

Tomorrow is my birthday and the last day to enter my birthday giveaway, so remember to enter.


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