01 May 2013

Great Ape Toys

Martinus designed this gorilla and I turned it into a stuffed toy. We'd like to make toys together one day, but I'm going to need a lot of practice before I'm 100% happy with my sewing and feel comfortable letting children play with them.

I've never worked with faux fur before and I don't think I'll use it for toys in the future. It's easy on the bigger pieces, but really tricky for small pieces like the arms and legs. We'd also like to use salvaged fabrics like I do with my handbags and it's much harder to find second hand faux fur.

This was the first design. We were going to make an orangutan, but we couldn't find the right colour fur, so it changed into a gorilla.

I won't be using buttons in the future either, I know they can be dangerous for small children.

We designed the logo together.


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