05 April 2013

We're moving!

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We've been thinking about moving to Hermanus for a few months now. We looked at our first house on Friday and didn't think we stood a chance since there were so many people, but we got it. It's everything we were looking for, the right area, the right size and the right price. It has a bigger kitchen, more light, built-in closets and a little courtyard. I was sad that we wouldn't have fruit trees anymore, but the new house also has a fig tree and there's a lemon tree, plum tree and one that we're not sure about.

Hermanus is not far from where we're living now. It's about a 20 minute drive there and where we buy our groceries and where all of our friends around here live. It's by the coast and Martinus' family usually spend their December holidays there.

I can't wait to start moving in our things and having more storage space. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was planning where to put our furniture. I'll take some photos to share soon.
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