12 April 2013

Vegan pecan pie

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Ok, these photos are actually of a cashew and walnut pie, but that doesn't sound as good as pecan pie. I did make this delicious Pecan Pie Recipe twice during December, but never took photos of it. I made it for Christmas and everyone loved it so much that they requested another one. Then my parents came to visit in January and I had to make it for them too, but I didn't have pecan nuts, so I used what I had. It turned out that these nuts had more oil than the pecans, but after some blotting it was perfect. I made this pie crust. It's not healthy at all, but it's very easy and so good.

Here's the ingredients for the pie filling. I used unrefined coconut oil instead of the vegan butter/margarine. I think it might have made it even better. I also doubled the ingredients to fill the pie crust, but used slightly less oil. I used 6 tablespoons instead of 8.

I added a bit of vanilla powder too.

There wasn't oil on top when I made this with the pecan nuts, so if I ever substitute the nuts again, I'll use less oil.

I poured off most of the oil and then blotted it with a paper towel.

Perfect gooey deliciousness.


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