23 April 2013

Vegan "egg yolk" dip

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I've wanted to try black salt for months and I finally found some at the health shop last week. It's also known as Kala Namak and contains sulphur compounds that makes it smell and taste like eggs. I'd seen Mouthwatering Vegan's Egg Mayo Sandwich recipe just the day before, so I decided to try make a more liquid "yolk" to use as a dip or spread with bread.

The black salt is actually pink.

The recipe uses instant mashed potatoes as a base. This isn't something I thought I'd ever buy but it works so well for this. All I changed was to double the water and leave out the margarine because I didn't have any.

Adding the spices.

I won't pretend that this tastes exactly like egg yolk, but it definitely tastes like it contains real eggs. I was really surprised when I tasted the salt and I think we're going to make some great dishes with it. This recipe makes a lot, so I used the rest to make an "egg" mayo sandwich and it was delicious.


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