19 April 2013

My favourite fruit: Mangoes

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There's so many delicious fruits out there that I love, but whenever I eat a mango, I know that it'll always be my favourite. I even used to love getting the fibres stuck in my teeth when I was younger. These days I prefer the neater option of slicing the mangoes first, but I do still eat the last bit from the pit. The mangoes we got this year haven't been very fibrous though. We usually get the bulk "ripen at home" bags because it's so much cheaper than buying ripe mangoes. It only takes a few days and we've been lucky to not have all the mangoes get ripe at the same time.

We've started using green mangoes in Thai cooking too. You still get that distinctive mango flavour, but it's not as sweet and soft. When we were in Thailand I tried a few of the exotic fruits, but mango was still my favourite. Luckily it's very popular there too and I had many delicious fresh mangoes and smoothies.


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