07 April 2013

Lipgloss Kisses

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Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses had a giveaway to celebrate her blog's first birthday and I was the lucky winner. The great thing is that the package was a secret selection of her favourite products, so the anticipation was so much more than it would've been if I knew what I won. This package came at the exact time too. I'm trying to buy less things and now I have lots of new things to try for free.

It was all packed it this pretty box with a cute card. It smelled sooo good when I opened the box.

Filled with fun new things.

One of my favourite products in here. My nails are really weak and thin and after only one coat of this they already feel stronger.

I love nail polish and whenever I see a new colour I feel like I need it. I decided not to buy any more until I finish some, so I'm very happy to have a new blue. I have a few different red polishes and this one is so pretty. It looks like berry sweets.

I've been reading about the Balm Balm products a lot lately and now I have two to try out. Chicara also included a pamphlet with all the different ways to use them. These balms are so versatile.

I've already finished two tins of the Cherry Zam-Buk. It's so cute and smells great.

The only thing in the package that broke is this blush. I saw how to fix broken compacts on Pinterest the other day, so I'm going to try it. Otherwise I can just use it as powder blush. It's a perfect rosy shade.

I've never used a felt tip eyeliner before. I tried it and it's so easy.

An adorable cupcake lotion and bath bomb set. The box is so cute, I'm trying to think of a way to use it too.

I love cleansing wipes. I always take off my make-up at night, but lately I've been feeling very lazy and these are perfect for those nights.

Kiehl's is another brand I've been reading a lot about lately. I tried the shampoo the first night. My hair felt softer and I'm sure it even made my hands feel softer.

I love how darker lipstick looks on other people, but somehow it just never looks right on me. I can't believe how well this colour suits my skintone. It's the perfect red for me.

I love the Essence brand. Almost all my nail polish is from them and I have a few other products. This tinted moisturiser smells amazing and it has a great sheer coverage that makes my skin look smooth and matte.

I've never used a 2 in 1 cleaner/toner before. I look forward to using it during the winter when it's just too cold to wash my face. This is also a brand I haven't used before, but I'm going to be looking out for it from now on.

I feel like everyone has a Yankee candle, but this is my first one. And what is better than roses? 

How beautiful are these?! I'm going to save them for my birthday in May.

Thank you for my amazing package Chicara. I new I'd love all your favourites too.


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