01 March 2013

Vegan strawberry ice cream

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This delicious Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe is from Vegan Dad. Sadly he decided to stop blogging this year, but he already has lots of amazing recipes on his blog and he's leaving it up.

I made this at the start of last December, but never posted the photos. It was at the end of strawberry season and I bought a big box on sale. We eat fruit salad most mornings and I love how it changes with the season. Right now we're having a lot of mangoes. I always look forward to having strawberries again.

I took two short videos while the ice cream machine was working. The first one was when it was just starting to freeze.

This one was when it was ready to be scooped out. You can eat it right away or put in the freezer to get harder.

I used coconut cream instead of soy creamer. This ice cream is amazing and just as good as any dairy ice cream. It's creamy and full of flavour.

Update: Vegan Dad started posting on his blog again, yay!


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