24 March 2013

Reusable coffee filters by Touchee Feelee

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I featured Touchee Feelee's Jellyfish handkerchiefs in my Gift Guide last year. I also love Euodia's Coffee filters and bought some in December. We love coffee, but I hate having to throw away so many paper filters, so I was very excited when I found these. You get three in a pack. We gave one away and kept one for coffee and one for tea. It might seem like too much trouble to wash a filter every day, but you only have to rinse it after using it and wash it every now and then. We haven't used our tea filter yet, so you can see what they look like brand new and after some use. I love how the coffee dyed the fabric.

I'd definitely recommend these reusable filters. You can buy them on Etsy or Hello Pretty.


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