15 March 2013

International cooking inspiration - Olivia Collette


I was contacted by Olivia Collete about doing a guest post and I just love this. I really love cooking and trying different cuisines. It's so interesting to see the different ways people use the same spices all over the world. We've been cooking Indian and Thai food for a long time. I've been trying some Ethiopian recipes since discovering the amazing Addis in Cape. Lately we've also been making a lot of Vietnamese dishes from a recipe book we got for Christmas. Here's Olivia with some more about learning from food from around the world.

Ethiopian  food at Addis in Cape

Foreign cuisine - an inspiration for daily food

There are so many ways to prepare food all over the world, let alone all the different ingredients used. Every country in the world has its own traditional food and the differences between the various cuisines are as numerous as the differences between the attitudes and worldviews of people. When visiting other countries one can get many inspirations: The lifestyle of the population of the specific country, its cultural and historical background, its geography and last but not least its culinary traditions all can enrich one’s own life in many aspects. Foreign cuisine is of course the easiest way to get an insight into another country. Going to a restaurant or looking for recipes either online or in cookbooks are all ways to experience foreign food without having to pay the according country a visit.

Indian food (at market in Thailand)

Getting creative

One of the greatest things about foreign food is the fact that one can easily get inspired by the different ingredients used or the ways different meals are prepared. If there is a specific spice or other ingredient used one might try it out in a meal one is familiar with and change the flavor a little. Of course, one should be familiar with the recipes in order to make sure beforehand that the flavors will go together well. However, it is also possible to experiment a little and try out something totally new. One’s own imagination is the only boundary there is.

Glass noodle salad at my Thai cooking class

Great meals for low prices

To experience delicious and well-prepared foreign food, going to a restaurant is always a good option. In order to save some money when doing so, there are a number of coupons available that allow for huge discounts. No matter whether foreign cuisine or South African food, great restaurant deals are available online and can be easily found and used. If one enjoyed the culinary experience offered there, it could be a good idea to try preparing some of the meals at home and add whatever one thinks will fit well.

Thank you Olivia.