15 February 2013

Thai tofu lettuce cups

Traditionally this recipe is made with minced meat so that must be why we didn't have anything like this in Thailand. I found the Tofu Larb recipe on Veggie Buntch and it's from the South African cookbook, Luscious Vegetarian. It's out of print according to Amazon, but there is a Kindle version available.

The only thing I changed was to use only one chili and to add a tablespoon of sugar after looking at a few other recipes around the internet.

The marinated tofu is really creamy at first.

Then you cook it until it's dry...

...and add all the herbs and spices. There's a lot of fresh herbs in here. I didn't feel like chopping them, so I put all the seasonings in the blender.

That's all. Now you let the mixture cool and then scoop it into lettuce leaves and top with peanuts. I recommend using a soft type of lettuce that you can easily wrap up. We used baby gem lettuce.


This was delicious and easy to make. It's a great recipe to try when you want something a little different from your usual food. We ate this for lunch, but it would also be a great starter for more people or good at a party with small lettuce pieces.


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