18 January 2013

Peanut butter & jelly muffins

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Yes, I'm posting muffins two weeks in a row. I wanted to bake something for breakfast, so I searched my Sweet Things Pinterest board and came across a Vegan jelly filled muffins recipe. It was adapted from the Veganomicon cookbook. Martinus had been looking at a list of peanut butter & jelly foods earlier in the week, so I decided to add some peanut butter to the batter.

The only thing I changed from the recipe was to use cinnamon instead of nutmeg and to add peanut butter. I used apricot jam instead of berry. In South Africa we actually call it jam instead of jelly. I don't know what the difference between jam and jelly is, but I don't think it matters for these muffins. You can use whatever you'd pair with peanut butter. I didn't measure the peanut butter, it was approximately 2 tablespoons.

Delicious peanutty batter. Do you like raw cake batter? I adore it, I could probably eat at least half a cake's batter if it was up to me.

I only got out 11 muffins, but they rise a lot so you can fill the cups slightly less to get 12.

I just scooped jam onto the muffins and then pressed it into the batter. I thought that I might have used too much, but it was perfect. 

It's amazing how the jam just sinks into the batter.

These muffins are just perfect, the texture is amazing and they taste so good.

They were slightly burned on the bottom. I don't know if the oven was too hot or if it had something to do with the hot jam. Next time I'll only leave them in for 19 minutes.

These muffins are delicious and very impressive despite being so easy to make.


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