22 January 2013

30 days, 30 bags project: Day 9

Before showing you this bag, I have to confess something. I actually made it yesterday. I'm going to be in Cape Town with Martinus for a few days and I didn't want to get behind, so I worked ahead.

It's another doily clutch. This doily was made with a thicker yarn and it's more floppy than the previous one. It's also a beautiful yellow. I kept it simple and paired the doily with a light grey textured fabric.

All the bags have had long straps, but I decided to change it a bit and make a shorter strap for this one.

I love how the black button really stands out from the lighter colours.

I used the light green floral lining again. This fabric pairs so well with so many colours.

My cold is much better, so the rest of the month will be a lot easier.

This bag is now available here.


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