31 January 2013

30 days, 30 bags project: Day 18

This is probably one of the cutest fabrics I've ever found, I was so excited when I saw it. It used to be some type of curtain and now it's a super adorable little bag. There's a few different animal and they're facing different directions, so some are upside down, some are facing up, they're just all over the place.

The flap has such a pretty floral pattern. I only have a small piece of this fabric and this is the perfect way to use it. I wanted to use the polka dot fabric for the lining, but the piece was too small so I used it for the strap instead.

Luckily I found a different polka dot fabric that also has some flowers to use for the lining.

This is definitely one of my cutest bags ever.

I'm taking part in a really big group giveaway on The Freckled Fox. I'm giving away the bag below and there's 12 more wonderful prizes in the bundle. I really wish I could enter, what a wonderful time I would have going to the post office to pick up all those prizes. 

This is a brand new bag that I made at the end of last year. It's not available in my Etsy shop yet and now it never will be. Go enter over at The Freckled Fox to stand a chance to win.

This bag is now available here.


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