30 January 2013

30 days, 30 bags project: Day 17

I finished really late today, so the photos aren't great. I got started later than usual because I went into town this morning and then I also got a little distracted while I was sewing. But here it is, my new handbag. Yes, mine. I was looking at the fabric and thinking that I love it so much and should make a bag for myself before I use all of it. Then I decided that I wanted this one. I changed my mind a few times while I was sewing, but finally decided to keep it for myself.

It's the same fabric I used on Day 3, so you can see better photos of it there. Natural light is so much better for taking photos.

This is the other half of the doily from Day 15. The little two-tone button matches so perfectly.

I added a strip of black velvet ribbon along the bottom edge, it's add a bit more texture and interest.

The pretty blue and red floral lining I also used for the first few days of the project. There's not much left, maybe enough for a clutch.

I've made so few bags for myself. Most of my own bags that I have are ones that I originally made to sell, but took for myself when I didn't have a bag to match my outfit. I might not have known it when I started, but at least I was making this for myself by the time it was finished.


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