14 December 2012

Vegan, gluten-free "french toast"

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I made Chocolate-covered Katie's Eggy breakfast bread over the weekend. The best description I can think for it is that it tastes like french toast. If you read my post about Socca, you'll remember that I also said it tasted like there was some egg in it. Chickpea flour gives a really surprising and wonderful texture.

For the topping I just cooked some cut strawberries in a pan with a little water until they pretty much disintegrated. I added a tiny sprinkling of sugar and some dessicated coconut too. Then I sprinkled some almond slivers over the top and topped it with half a fresh strawberry.

I love this recipe and I'll definitely make it again. I'll try a little extra sugar in the dough next time though. I also want to try a savoury version some time.

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