07 December 2012

Vegan cheese

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I've wanted to try make this cashew nut cheese from Recipe Renovator for a while now, but I only found agar powder last week. This is such an easy recipe and it firms up really quickly. Obviously it doesn't taste like real cheese, but it's a pretty good alternative. It will give you a nice tangy taste and soft texture and you can even grate it. I don't have onion powder, so I replaced it with ground onion seeds. It probably doesn't taste the same, but it still worked well. I also don't have smoked salt, so I had to use regular salt.

I divided the mixture and blended some garlic chives with one half. It only has a slight green tinge, it's the little piece below.

This cheese grates very well. We think the texture is a little strange to eat alone, but it works very well when melted.

It doesn't melt completely, but the texture does get softer and it's a nice salty filling for a toasted sandwich.

We also had it on pizza. We mixed it with Cheezly vegan cheese here. The yellow bit are Cheezly, the speckled bits are the cashew cheese. We also had it on pizza without the Cheezly and it really is a good addition to a vegan pizza.

There's a whole lot of recipes I want to try on my vegan cheese Pinterest board. Some of them have ingredients I haven't been able to find, but a lot of them seem quite easy. I'll definitely make this recipe again and experiment with different flavours.


  1. Natasha, what a beautiful blog! I am so excited to see your end results. I know it can be difficult to find certain ingredients in other countries. Thanks for sharing and for leaving a comment on my blog too!

    1. I finally found onion powder the other day, so I will be able to use it next time. I really hope I will be able to find smoked salt someday, because it sounds delicious. I love smoked food :)

  2. I have always wanted to try my hand in making some cheese. This may make me take that step, it looks great.

  3. Looks great. How is the texture weird that made you guys not to eat it alone?.Do you get problems with texture with other vegan block cheese recipes?.

    1. The agar gave it more of a dry jelly texture than the creamy texture you expect from cheese. I haven't tried other recipes yet.


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