28 December 2012

Filo lentil pastries

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I also made these Lentil Pastries for the Countrylove Christmas dinner.

 I didn't use a recipe, I just mixed in different things and kept tasting my lentil mixture and it was delicious. I used two cans of cooked lentils and added fresh parsley, chutney, balsamic vinegar and salt.

Filo pastry is really easy to use and doesn't have all the oil that other pastries have. The directions say that you should cover the pastry you're not using at the moment to prevent it drying out, but I've never done that and it's never been a problem. I used cooking spray instead of oil or butter between the sheets.

I used three sheets and cut them into 12 pieces. I layered the squares in a muffin tin that I also sprayed with cooking spray.

Then I scooped in my lentil mixture...

...and folded over the corners. You could also keep it open, but I didn't want the corners to bump into each other and break off on the way to the party.

Then I brushed canola oil on the tops and sprinkled them with sesame seeds.

I baked them until they started browning.

I put them on this great vegetable platter that I got from my mom. I think it was her grandmother's, so it's pretty old. It matches so well with the mini serving dish I found the other day.

I think these were really good but slightly dry, so I'll add some fried onion next time.


  1. Hi Natasha! In my country, we call them as Mongo seeds :) We make them as a creamy soup paste.

    Before 2012 ends, I hope this one could make you happy

    Happy 2013!

    1. Hi Diane.

      That is such a nice name for them. I love all types of lentil dishes.

      Thank you so much, I'm honoured.

  2. Oh this looks really good! I almost never cook anything with lentils, only ate it a lot when i was in India :)


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