23 December 2012

Big Buddha Beach Part 2

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More photos from the Big Buddha at Big Buddha Beach on Koh Samui. See Part 1 here. We're already at the top here, so there's a few more photos of the top and then more from the base of the stairs.

This is the side of the roof of one of the buildings next to the stairs.

These shaped tiles are so beautiful.

These dragons are along the sides of the stairs with their heads at the bottom.

I loved the tree growing through the roof.

The not-so-big Buddhas.

Some of the shops around the base.

I took this photo right before seeing the 'No photos' sign inside.

If you walk past the shops you will find these statues.

Almost getting trampled by a dragon horse.

I bought this t-shirt in Thailand. It's a darker pink now because I washed it with something red.

This is at the entrance from the road.

This might seem like the end of the Big Buddha photos, but I still have a lot of photos of the bells, so I'll post them next week.


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