16 December 2012

Big Buddha Beach Part 1

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This was also on Koh Samui island. I think we took the most photos during that part of our holiday. The surrounding area was named of the Big Buddha statue. So it's the Big Buddha at Big Buddha Beach. I have lots of photos, so I'm dividing it into separate posts.

This is the view from the bottom. There's lots of little buildings around the bottom of the stairs and there's also shops behind where I was standing here.

Most of the temples had signs similar to this, but the only place we saw anyone being stopped from going in with inappropriate clothing was at the Grand Palace. They have clothes to borrow at the Grand Palace, so you'll still be able to go in if your outfit isn't what they expect.

The Big Buddha himself.

There's lots of smaller statues around the base.

See you next week with more from Thailand.


  1. Wow, that IS a big buddha! Also, its very nice to see pictures of the sunshine on this wintry evening.

    1. Yes, it's pretty big :) It's summer in South Africa, but it hasn't felt like it in my area until this week. It's starting to feel a lot like Thailand now.


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