14 November 2012

Lovely package exchange

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I took part in the lovely package exchange hosted by Oh, hello friend blog this year. I was partnered with Sarah from Australia. Her blog seems to have been removed, so I can't link to it. The exchange happened before we left for Thailand, but I only received my package this week. International mail can be so slow.

This little guy is from the Anamalz range.

For each one that is bought, a percentage is donated to preserving nature. With your special code, you can select  which area of land you would like them to adopt.

Here's what I chose:

Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Located at Costa Rica’s southwest corner, 400,000 forested acres of the Osa Peninsula jut into the Pacific Ocean and only a strip of white sand beach separates the lush rainforest from the sea. The rainforest is full of plant and wildlife. There are more than 4000 plant species including trees that can grow more than 200 feet tall and Jaguars, pumas, sloths, and four species of monkeys live there.The Osa Peninsula forests are starting to disappear because of the increase in the clearing of land for farmers, hunters, developers, gold miners and tourists. Some of the logging and poaching in the area is illegal.

anaMalz is adopting acres of land to help organizations acquire and protect land so they can create a 100,000 acre biological corridor between Corcovado and Piedras Blancas national Parks.  The funding also means staff can be hired and trained to manage these areas.

The package also included this silly dog magnet and the postcard with animals from Australia.

It was all wrapped up with this very Movember appropriate wrapping paper.

Thank you for my package Sarah. I hope yours will arrive soon too.

Update: Sarah has moved her blog, so you can check it out here.


  1. That is quite a sweet gift hamper! I love that it is all puppy themed, dogs are my life! :)

    1. I really love dogs too. The first one is actually a kangaroo :)

  2. Love that wrapping paper, pretty awesome.


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