04 November 2012

Hong Kong stopover

We had a stopover in Hong Kong on the way to Thailand. It was 7 hours, which sounds really long, but we only had about 2 hours to explore. South Africans don't need a visa to enter the country, so we took a train into town. Here's some blurry photos I took from the train.

From the train station, we exited into the IFC centre, a large shopping mall. We walked around, just trying to see as much as we could in the short time we had. Most people were really well dressed and I felt slightly out of place in my sweaty tourist clothes. I bought a fashion magazine to get some inspiration and compare it with the magazines I usually see. I'll post some photos of it in the future.

Here I am, after hours on a plane, with too big shorts, a heavy backpack and not used to the heat. It was still the middle of winter in South Africa at this point. I bought this beautiful handbag from Accessorize in the IFC centre. I didn't have time to make myself a decent bag for the trip and this one was on sale. I'll take some photos of it once I finally clean it.

We stopped for a cool drink and a quick snack before heading back to the airport. I forgot to take a photo of the place we ate at, but this was the view from inside.

I had miso soup. I've never had this before and I loved it. It was a very strange and amazing experience, like delicious yeasty bread in liquid form. I've been looking for miso since we came back, but I haven't found any yet.

Martinus had sushi, he said it was the best he's ever had.

We would really like to go back to Hong Kong someday for a longer visit. Even the short time there was so interesting. I wish I'd taken more photos, but I do remember more than I've shown you here.


  1. Hi Natasha! I've been to HongKong recently and all I are good memories too, starting from their magnificent airport. Though its populated and congested in some areas, I would love to visit the place again.

    Have a great week!

    1. We had such a short time to look around, but it was enough to make us want to see more. Thank you, you too :)

  2. Wow sounds amazing. I've never been on that side of the world before but would love to visit sometime (:

    Dearest Lou

    1. There are so few places South Africans can visit without visas, so it was great that we could go outside the airport. Unfortunately it's pretty expensive, so we probably won't be going back very soon.

  3. Cool post dear :)
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