25 November 2012

Fabric from Malaysia

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The beautiful fabrics I bought in Malaysia. There's a part in Butterworth on Penang island, where we were staying, that's called Little India. We found this warehouse filled with fabric shops there.

These fabrics came in a set with batik and silk. I actually only wanted to buy the batik, but they really wanted me to take the silk too since it matches perfectly so they couldn't sell it separately. They gave me a discount for the silk, so I gave in and took the set.

There's a large patterned border on the batik.

This is the main pattern in the middle.

I love the gold details.

I couldn't get the colour of the silk right in any of my photos, it's a beautiful butter yellow.

The centres of the flowers have this fluffy purple and green detail.

After all that shiny fabric, I decided to get a simpler batik with only white and blue

I don't know what I'm going to do with these fabrics yet, but it'll have to be something special. Cutting these up is going to be difficult.

While we were at the Grand Palace, we went to the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles and saw a video about silk production. I was surprised to learn that silk worms are killed with boiling water in their cocoons. I'd always thought that silk was spun from the cocoons after they're hatched. I researched it when I got home and found out that 15 silkworms are killed to make a gram of silk thread.

That's why I only bought this one piece of silk and won't be buying any more in the future. There is also cruelty-free silk available according to my research, but it's more expensive. Hopefully it will be more common in the future.


  1. I was also under the impression that the cocoons are used after the moths emerged. I will rather pay more for cruelty free silk or not buy it at all.

    1. It was so disappointing to find that out, because I had planned on buying silk in Thailand. Luckily there's lots of other beautiful fabric.


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