03 November 2012

Apron pants from Thailand

I really don't know how else to describe these pants, there's a little apron style flap with pockets on the front. Now I can happily wear an apron in public. This is one of the really special pieces I got in Thailand. I mostly got t-shirts and I love them, but they're not really different from t-shirts anywhere else. This fabric and style is something I definitely couldn't buy at just any shop. Like most of the other things I bought, this is from Chatuchak market. It was one of the more expensive pieces, but still a really good price for something so special.

It really wasn't warm enough for open shoes and exposed legs yet, it was just wishful thinking on my part. I hope we get some decent warm weather soon. We saw so many whales on the day these photos were taken. Our friend had been visiting from Johannesburg and we went for one last picnic in Hermanus the day before he went home. The whales were too far out to try and take decent pictures with our tiny camera, but close enough for us to get a great view. It was an amazing day.