16 October 2012

Treasure Tuesday # 32 (Vintage leather handbag)

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Today is a two-in-one post. I found this great little bag at the Hospice shop. My friend Chane's vintage handbag was stolen a few weeks back while we were out together, so I got this for her as a birthday present. I don't think it's real leather, but it looks like it's a very sturdy bag. It's obviously been around for a while, but it's still in good shape. The metal is slightly rusted, but still works perfectly and there's a few small scuffs. I was very excited to find this little treasure.

Unfortunately the label inside has faded, but there's a name tag on the outside.

Here's the rest of the presents. Ideas is my favourite craft magazine, so I got her the latest copy. I bought the ceramic owl hook for Chane months ago and I've been anxiously waiting for her birthday to finally give it to her. The detachable collar is my first one ever. I've wanted to make one for so long and now I finally have.

I used a pattern from one of my vintage dress patterns for the collar. I connected the pieces at the front with a pretty button and attached ribbons to the back.

Happy birthday for last week Chane!