05 October 2012

Soy-Free Vegan Shawarma

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Another faux meat recipe from Vegnews. This Vegan Shawarma is definitely the strangest one so far. The main ingredient is potato, but you'd never guess it from the end result. This also takes much longer than the other recipes, because you have to refrigerate the baked loaf overnight.

The grated potato got very gooey when I was cooking it, I've never seen potatoes look like that before.

After baking. The foil stuck to the top a little bit, but it was easy to pull off.

The next day, baking slices of the shawarma loaf.

The tahini sauce in the recipe was too bitter for me, so I added some sweet sauces to the pitas.

Sauce, tomato, cucumber and shawarma on pita.

We took our pitas to Hermanus and ate them next to the sea.

Our view.
The shawarma has a strange taste on its own, but on the pita it's delicious. I probably won't make this regularly since it involves more work, but it's a fun recipe to try out.


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