26 October 2012

Roasted Tandoori Cauliflower

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This Roasted Cauliflower from My New Roots is such an easy, but really impressive and delicious recipe. If you go check out the article, you will get a lot of advice about spices along with the great recipe for a tandoori spice mix. You only need one tablespoon of the mixture for this recipe, but you get about a cup of spice mixture, so you can use it for a long time.

I used whole spices where I could, but I only had powders for some of the spices. How amazing is it that cinnamon used to look like this.

You'd never think of eating that, until you smell it. Cinnamon bark smells amazing.

I had to shell so many cardamom pods to fill the tablespoon with seeds. I lost count in the end.

Layer up your spices, put into a spice mill and get ready to be amazed. This mixture smells delicious already.

I used light coconut milk instead of yoghurt for the marinade. The cauliflower fit perfectly into this cute little baking dish my grandmother gave me.

This is going to be made many many times in the future. I love the sauce and I'll definitely try it on roast potatoes as well.

I didn't have the ingredients for the mint chutney, but we had some banana chutney that we bought at a market a while back. I also mixed some dried mint, fresh parsley and tamarind sauce into coconut milk. You should definitely serve this cauliflower with some type of chutney, it needs the sweet contrast. I also made brown rice and added a bought spice mix for rice and a few raisins.

We buy frozen rotis that are very very good. The raw dough is frozen, so it thaws in your pan and then starts cooking and separates into wonderful layers.

Overall this was a really easy, but special meal. Next time will be even easier since I have the tandoori mix now.

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