03 August 2012

Addis in Cape

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Addis In Cape is a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant that we love and have been to twice so far. Some of these photos are from my phone and some from my camera. Here's some info from their website:

"At Addis in Cape, your food is presented in a beautifully woven basket-like table called a Mesob.  The dishes are served together on a large plate which is layered with a pancake-like sourdough base called Injera.  Without utensils your hands and Injera are used to scoop the various flavorful stews and sauces.

Ethiopian cuisine is traditionally served on a large, thin, sourdough 
pancake called Injera, which is usually made from a grain called Teff that 
is native to Ethiopia. However where Teff is not available, other substitutes 
can be used such as buckwheat or sorghum. At Addis in Cape we use a 
combination of rice flower and teff to prepare the injera, which we bake 
on a flat clay stove called a metad. Injera  which is fat and gluten-free is 
used to scoop up the various sauces and stews called wot."

We had the vegetarian platter for two from the lunch menu both times. You get a variety of 6 different main courses and the potatoes. It's served on top of a big injera and you get extra in a separate bowl. You might not think it looks like much at first, but it's very filling. My favourites are the lentil dishes.

If you're looking for something new to try in Cape Town, I highly recommend Addis In Cape.