20 July 2012

Vovo Telo

We spent a night in Cape Town last month and had breakfast at Vovo Telo at the Waterfront. I didn't have the camera with me, so I only took photos with my cellphone.

 I loved their decor, mixing new and vintage elements.

This lasercut teaspoon is one of my favourites.

I've never had this type of hot chocolate before. Mixing the chocolate into the hot milk was fun, but I prefer a stronger chocolate flavour. I'd add some cocoa powder to the milk as well.

Poached egg with avo and feta. They have lots of different types of bread to choose from. This was sourdough toast.

The stainless steel cup on the wooden saucer is so beautiful.

The bill was brought on this pretty plate with the branded pebble weighing it down. It's not a real pebble, I think it's some type of resin.

The view from the top.

Lots of delicious sandwiches.

Even more delicious looking cakes.

I'd definitely recommend Vovo Telo and I'd love to go back there and try more things from their menu.