06 July 2012

Shoes for Thailand

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We needed some comfortable walking shoes for Thailand, so we went to Cape Town last week. I always have a hard time finding shoes. I don't wear heels and it seems like at least 70% of the shoes in shops have ridiculously high heels. Some shops didn't even have any flats. Something else that is usually lacking is proper support. After 5 minutes of wearing shoes with completely flat soles my feet are tired. I need arch support! The other problem is that my skin is so sensitive and I get blisters very easily. So I have to inspect every shoe carefully to make sure there are no stitches or hard bits that will make me want to cry after a bit of friction. After hours of going into every shoe shop, I was very happy to leave with TWO pairs of shoes. My boyfriend had no idea how difficult it is for me to buy shoes, but he was very supportive and held our bags and brought me different sizes etc.

The first pair I found are from Woolworths. I'm going to get some foam insoles to give extra support for these, but otherwise they are perfect. No sharp bits, they don't fall off while I'm walking and they're cute. They're also available in blue, but I could only find the right size in red.

The second pair are the Reef Sunset style from Reef. I'm so happy that we decided to go into one more shop, because these are my favourite pair of shoes ever. They have the most amazingly comfortable quilted insoles and they felt so good after a whole day of walking around.

We are leaving in 6 days. I'm so excited, especially about all the delicious food we're going to eat. I'm even excited about the airplane food. I know it has a bad reputation, but we both like airplane food. I love how it's all neat and packaged, it reminds me of bento boxes. But obviously cheap authentic Thai street food is going to be the highlight of this trip.

Update: I did get blisters on my little toes when I wore the red Woolworths shoes for the whole day on our trip. They have been really good for everyday wear though. Just not walking for hours on end. The Reef Sunset striped pair were amazing. They're so comfortable and I look forward to getting more shoes from Reef in the future. 


  1. Hi Natasha! I think we share the same sentiments with shoes. I don't wear heels so my collections are usually those of flats. Even in formal occasions, I don't wear heels. I stick to my comfy flats. Your new found shoes are cute and looks so comfy. Whenever I travel, I'm also in the look for the best walking flats.

    Enjoy your trip to Thailand, which is just islands away from my country :D

    PS your gift is already in transit :D just mailed it this morning. please inform me if you received it already. if (hopefully not) by october, you still don't have my gift, may i request that you inform me? thanks

    1. Hi. I don't understand how people can wear shoes that are so painful. You can't think about anything else if your feet hurt.

      I'm so excited to see my gift, I'll let you know as soon as I get it. I hope you'll also like yours.

  2. Hi Natasha!

    I completely understand your woes with uncomfortable shoes! It's odd because I design lots of heels and wedges myself, yet always refrain from wearing them! I am actually a bit taller than my friends, so if I wear heels I would tower over them! A flimsy excuse, I know, but I haven't yet gathered up the courage to wear heels yet! I was shocked to read that many shoes don't sell flats! I would recommend you to peruse through Topshop if you have the time, they have so many different flats and most are moderately priced too. I'm not sure if you are a fan of the whole high-top hype, but they could be seen as a comfy alternative too.
    I am following you via GFC. Also, please do check your email (support@bambooblossom.co.za) :)

    Thanks again,
    Miss Iffa

    1. Hi.

      We don't have a Top Shop here, but luckily I now know which shops to go to first. It was also tricky since Thailand is so hot and it is winter here, so many of the shoes in shops now aren't appropriate.

      Thank you for the email :)

  3. love you cute new shoes, they do look very comfortable<3

    1. I've worn both of them a few times to make sure and they really are. I'm so happy with them. But my feet will probably still be tired from all the walking :D


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