08 June 2012

Socca with spicy cauliflower

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I read this article about pancakes from around the globe and thought the Italian chickpea flour pancake called socca sounded really interesting. I bought chickpea flour for the first time this week so I wanted to try it out as soon as possible. I also wanted to try this Spicy Cauliflower recipe and thought they would be a good match.

There are many recipes for socca on the internet, but I like this recipe because they give different cooking methods and some different ways of eating it. I used the oven method with our pizza pan. For the seasoning I used 1 tablespoon thyme, 1 teaspoon dried garlic and half a teaspoon cumin. I mixed the dry ingredients before adding the water, but it's not necessary since it's a runny batter, so it's easy to mix everything properly.

I lined the pan with some baking powder to make sure it didn't stick.

I'm not sure how long I left it in the oven. This pan is only supposed to go up to 220° C, so it took a little longer. I took it out when the edges started to brown.

Spicy Cauliflower
I used ground cumin, because I didn't have cumin seeds. I also used 3 teaspoons ground ginger instead of fresh. I didn't want to wash a pan in the middle of the process like the recipe specifies, so I just used two separate pans.

I think I'll add more chickpeas next time, I really liked them.

I used less chilli, but I could've used the right amount because it wasn't very spicy.

Not the most colourful plate, but it was very good. I love trying new recipes.

These are both great recipes that I'll use again. The socca is so easy to make and I'm excited to try it with different seasoning and toppings. Martinus and I both thought it tasted like there's some egg in. I think this is going to become a regular. The cauliflower was also good and very easy to prepare, but it took a bit longer. Next time I'll add all the chilli, more chickpeas and a little less garlic.


  1. Wow - looks impressive and delish! x

  2. I love chickpeas, and this sounds delicious! I'd definitely try it.


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