17 June 2012

Corn chowder and homemade bread.

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I haven't made bread in a few months, but we had friends over this weekend and we went for a picnic next to the river with lots of delicious food. I'd forgotten how amazing this bread is. We didn't finish the corn, so I looked for recipes with leftover corn today and found this corn chowder recipe. We also baked the rest of the dough and added some olives, rosa tomatoes and chives and sprinkled some cajun spice mix and mixed herbs over.

It got very cloudy while I was making the chowder, so the rest of the photos aren't as clear as this one.

It doesn't look very appetizing at this stage, but it will get better.

Tada! Easy and delicious corn chowder.

Changes I made to the chowder:

  • We only had 2 and a half corn cobs.
  • I grated the carrot.
  • I used 2 cups rice milk and 1 and a half cups water instead of the regular milk.
  • I didn't have any red pepper, so I added 1 teaspoon paprika.
  • There was also about half a cup of leftover peas so I added that.
  • I added the potato at the same time as the cobs.
  • I only had dried thyme.
  • I mixed 1 teaspoon of rice flour with a bit of water and added it to the chowder to thicken it up a little.


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