22 June 2012

Ads in June


I was lucky enough to have three different opportunities to advertise Bamboo Blossom for free this month.

First up is My Life In Lavender. J e-mailed me to ask if I wanted to do an ad swap with her and obviously I accepted. You can see her ad on the top left of my page. J is a fashion loving student and does regular outfit posts and more. She is running a competition to win a $36 credit for my Etsy shop at the moment. It's still open until 27 June, so go enter here.

Next is My Girl Thursday. Chantilly decided to offer free ad space for anyone that wanted it during June to show appreciation to her readers. She posts about thrifting, DIY projects and much more.

Next is Ohhh Lulu. Sarah offers 5 free ads a month to helps people with sewing blogs and businesses get more exposure. She makes the most beautiful underwear, see her shops here and here.

Thank you for the great opportunities everyone.


  1. Man, you're so lucky! And your new blog-look is great, I love it!

    1. Thank you. It keeps getting more and more "me" :)


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