03 April 2012

Treasure Tuesday # 7 (Fabric scraps)

This is one of my favourite things to find at a charity shop and I've found several bags like this before. It's filled with a variety of different fabrics and it's very cheap. A big bag is usually only R10! Sometimes there are large pieces of fabric, but it's usually lots of offcuts from things people have made or even sewing projects that were cut out but never finished.

My favourite part is going through all the pieces when I get home, because there's often surprises that I didn't notice at the store. It really feels like opening a lucky packet.

All washed and ready to use.

This last bag had lots of little rectangles that had been cut with pinking shears. I've been thinking about starting a quilt and these are going to be the perfect starting point. I wonder if that is what they were originally intended for?

A leaf on the wooden bench next to the washing line.