26 April 2012

Package Project

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Alex from Adventures in TV Land finally received my package and now I can share it with you without ruining the surprise. It's such an amazingly fun project to take part in and I'm so happy that she finally got my package.

I loved making this handbag and it's my all-time favourite.

These handmade ceramic buttons from one of the Hermanus markets are so pretty and unique. I made these hair clips by decoupaging fabric onto the back of glass pebbles. I wanted to send Alex some Rooibos tea, but I wasn't sure if it would be allowed through Australian customs, so I chose Rooibos soap instead. 

My boyfriend donated this cute little gauche painting for me to add to the package. It perfectly matched everything else. I made this koala felt brooch, because Australia has the coolest animals. The beaded whale keyring is such a classic South African item that you can find almost anywhere here.

A Cape of Good Hope pin from the charity shop and a Wade ceramic turtle turned into a necklace. I learned that charity shops are called op shops in Australia. It stands for opportunity shops and I love that term.

I know sending someone a postcard of their own country is a little strange, but I couldn't resist.

Wrapped with a coffee stencil tag.

Finished with boring "nothing to see here" brown paper.