14 December 2011

DIY Advent Calendar

I made an advent calendar for my boyfriend while he was away. I bought little presents for us, wrapped and numbered them and pinned them to a string I tied to the bed. (I couldn't find anywhere else to tie it.) There are some things for him, some things for me and some for the house.

These cards are bigger than my hands! I just love oversized and miniature things.

Cute notepad.

Corn holders.

There's a whole set of animal cookie cutters.

Pretty coasters.

A rubber luggage tag.

I added sweets to a few of the presents. I wrapped them with wax paper.

These heart sweets are just adorable.

Chocolate and sweets wrapped in foil.

I couldn't find stickers with numbers, so I made my own numbers with these dots.

Doily decoration.

All strung up.


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