01 November 2011

Local online gift guide and Christmas sale 2011

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I've put together a list of beautiful, unique products that are available online locally. Buying online is so much faster, easier and more relaxing than going to a busy store. Supporting local sellers also means that shipping costs will be lower and there's no customs duties. There's sections for women, men and kids, but these are all just things I love.

I'm adding photos and prices, please follow the links to get more info about the products and buying. I'll link to the shop pages or items where available.

I'm also having a Christmas sale on my Etsy store with 25% discount on everything, just use the code XMAS2011 when checking out.


Bokkie Wall Hooks from ilovebokkie.
R355 each

± R300 ($38)

± R1600 ($200)

± R280 ($35)

± R455 ($55)

Why not make up a DIY kit with this tutorial and the materials to make a cool bracelet?
± R50 ($6.50)

Whale Keychain from HoopoeCoZa
± R57 ($7)

Mount the racquet on a wall and use it to hang your earrings.
R90                                                          R400

Cherry Blossom Heart Earrings from Genevieve Motley
± R120 ($15)

± R275 ($34)

± R230 ($28)

Abacus Apron from Skinny laMinx
You can also visit the local shop here.
± R345 ($42,30)

± R16 ($2)                                                                ± R50 ($6)

± R73 ($8.97)

± R180 ($22)

Mini Botanical Solid Perfume Set from Rose En Bos
± R250 ($31)

± R120 ($15)




± R580 ($72)                                                              ± R185 ($23)

± R270 ($33)

There's a choice of 24 different colours.
± R355 ($44)

± R193 ($24)

± R565 ($70)


± R225 ($28)

± R300 ($37)

± R28 ($3.5)

± R234 ($29)
± R97 ($12)

Toddlers Organic Cotton Waistcoat from Scarecrow Organics

± R315 ($39)
Childrens Wooden Wash Set and Wooden Handmade Doll from Mistress Miller
± R363 ($45)                                                            ± R242 ($30)

± R73 ($9)

± R57 ($7.12)


  1. What an awesome post, thanks! I just opened every link :)

  2. Some wonderful gifts suggestions.

  3. South Africa is full of wonderfully creative people. Thanks for collecting all these great items for us. I do not have time to go and search these things myself, but now it will be easy to support them.

  4. It was so fun to find all the items. I wish I could buy everything.

  5. Awesome post, what wonderful selection of gifts to get for Christmas. Well done!!!!

  6. What a lovely post, and what an amazing gift selection!

  7. Give the wonderful things is fun, especially when you see the wonder of the eyes, but sometimes it is more convenient to give her things that will be ideal for..


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