12 November 2011

Brass light

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I bought this brass light at a flea market years ago. It was only R6. It has been standing around waiting for me to fix it and I finally did it this week. I can't remember exactly what the lady at the flea market told me it used to be, but I think it was something to do with a cannon.

This is what the inside looked like before I started, full of dust and cobwebs. I started by removing the light bulb and it's cover. I really like this metal shell thing and I hope I can find something to do with it. I tried to remove the metal rod, because I wanted to put the new light bulb at the bottom of the tube, but I couldn't get it loose. So then I had to figure out a way to attach the new lamp holder at the top of this tube. I was going to use cardboard, but then I discovered that an upside down yoghurt tub lid fits on it perfectly.

I covered the lid with fabric. I just used wood glue, folded it over and kept it in place with clothes pegs until the glue dried. 

I also glued some fabric on the inside to cover the edges of the striped fabric. At first when I plugged the light in, nothing happened. It turned out that I'd wired the plug wrong, despite the very clear diagram that came with it.

I have no idea where this switch came from, but I know I've been keeping it for something for a very long time. I was really scared that I'd be electrocuted when I switched it on, but it worked. I had to do a lot of searching on google to find out how to wire it. It took a while to find instructions I understand, I don't remember any of this from school.

The very professionally taped up bottom.

Ta-da! After years and years of standing in the corner this is finally a light again.

It's not as bright as this in reality. I have a new light and I wasn't electrocuted, a very good week :)


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