10 October 2011

New recipe website.

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I found this great website last week, 101cookbooks, it's a collection of recipes from different cookbooks. It's all vegetarian recipes and there's also a large vegan section. I made the Coconut Red Lentil Soup and Easy Little Bread. The soup is delicious and has a surprisingly meaty taste. The bread is so easy to make and is especially good when toasted.

Next were the Peanut Butter Cookies. They only have a few ingredients and are very quick to make. I used stone-ground cake flour. I replaced the maple syrup with honey and only used half the indicated amount. These cookies taste almost like eating pure peanut butter and you can only eat a few at a time.

I melted some dark chocolate to spread on a few of them. I will definitely add chocolate chips to these next time.

I made a beautiful new handbag this weekend, I will take some photos of it soon.


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