14 October 2011

Hermanus picnic

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I haven't taken photos of the new bag yet, but here are some photos of our picnic in Hermanus. I love that a picnic on the beach is something we can do in the middle of the week now instead of just once a year.

I made this phyllo pastry samoosa. It was so easy. I just put 2 pieces of dark chocolate, some dessicated coconut and some crushed pecan nuts on a strip of pastry that I'd brushed with oil. Then I folded the pastry into a samoosa shape, brushed the outside with oil and baked it until golden. The chocolate might harden again when it cools, but I made these just before we went to the beach so they were still delightfully soft and amazing.


  1. I thought it came out of some fancy delicatessen. It looks amazing!

  2. Thank you. I made more the next week and let them set. They're delicious either way.


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