05 September 2011

New life.

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I haven't updated this blog in months and so much has happened. The biggest change is that I moved to a beautiful little town called Stanford with my boyfriend. Stanford is in the Western Cape, about 20km outside of Hermanus. It looks like an English country village.

We take the dogs for a walk every day and see the most amazing scenery. It still feels like I'm just on holiday and not really living here now. We get to walk right up to the Klein River.

The dogs love exploring the long grass and getting their feet wet.

We live in a beautiful big house with wooden floors and a brand new wood burning stove. We haven't tried making a fire yet. We only moved in a few weeks back and have been so busy unpacking and organizing everything.

Our first night after
a 2-day drive.

The Elliot movers were great.

Lots of boxes to be unpacked. Didn't I just pack these a few days back?!

A gigantic backyard for the dogs (and us) to enjoy.

Now that I'm taking so many photos of all the new things around me, I will hopefully be able to keep updating the blog more regularly than before. One more photo by the river before I go.

I can't wait to show my Jeff dog the sea.


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