20 September 2011

Labneh and pizza

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We bought some Labneh balls at one of the Hermanus markets this weekend. It was incredible delicious. I remembered reading once that is was very easy to make so I looked it up when I got home. It's just plain salted yoghurt that's strained to remove the whey. We'd also bought yoghurt from the same stall so I immediately started making some Labneh. There are many recipes on the internet. I used two cups yoghurt with about a half teaspoon of salt. The mixture is then drained through muslin cloth or even a few sheets of paper towels. We have a muslin bag that is used to make nut milks, so it was very easy. I placed the bag in a sieve over a bowl and left it in the fridge for two days. It can be used after one day, but I didn't need it that soon.

I shaped the Labneh into balls and rolled them in a spice/herb mixture of my own:

- Mixed Italian herbs
- Sesame seeds
- Paprika
- Chilli flakes

I won't add the Chilli flakes next time. I also added a tiny bit of olive oil.

We used these on pizza, made from the same bread recipe I used the other day. I rolled it to about 1cm thickness and it worked very well.

Here's a close-up of the Labneh that has been broken into pieces again for the pizza.

The cooked avocado doesn't look very good here, but it was a delicious pizza. 

I baked a chocolate cake today and will post photos tomorrow after I have iced it.


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