27 September 2011

Exciting new discoveries.

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Last week I found out about this amazing website called Postcrossing. It's a project that connects people from all over the world to send postcards to each other. When you register, you can request up to 5 addresses to send postcards to. You will also receive a Postcard ID to write on the postcard with your message. When the postcard is received the other person has to register the Postcard ID on the website to prove that your postcard was sent. Then your address will be given to someone else to send you a postcard. My postcard will be going to a girl in Germany.

I was even more excited when I learned about The Package Project this week. With this creative people send each other packages. You need to have an active blog to participate in this. You can see some of the packages from last year in the Flickr group. I can't wait to find out who my package partner will be.